Updated 5/28/2019

Basic Jiu Jitsu: is a beginner self defense class along with learning the basics of sport Jiu Jitsu.
All Jiu Jitsu; is geared to sport Jiu Jitsu and taught for people with a firm grasp on the basics.

Jiu Jitsu Drilling & Conditioning: Gi class consisting of thorough warm up, high rep drilling and cardiovascular endurance training

Submission Wrestling: is Jiu Jitsu with out the traditional uniform. Also known as NOGI

Jiu Jitsu Competition Training: fast paced class consisting of warm up, skill drills, positional sparring with high emphasis on competition mindset

Open Mat: Open mat is an opportunity for all students in the area regardless of school affiliation to come train with my students. The idea behind this is to create a sharing atmosphere where students from different styles share their knowledge with each other. There is no instruction in this class.

CONDITIONING: cardiovascular endurance training class consisting of functional exercises in a fun, easy to learn setting

Striking: learn multiple styles of striking which help with self defense

Kids Jiu Jitsu: fun learning environment for kids with emphasis on self defense and bullying prevention. Students will learn respect, awareness and discipline!

Private Lesson: are available please contact the school for a list of instructors and pricing.