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609 Jiu Jitsu Academy is all about providing the gift of “The Gentle Art” to every family, in every community. Jiu Jitsu has done so much for our instructors, our students, our families and friends that we insist upon spreading the good word to all that will hear it. The physical, mental, and spiritual changes as a result of Jiu Jitsu practice are rewarding and the resulting lifestyle is one of confidence, pride, and composure.

Jiu Jitsu has shown overwhelming effectiveness in MMA (mixed martial arts competition), and “no holds barred” competitions, but its true merits are most valuable during more common, everyday situations that we all face.

Jiu Jitsu is truly effective when it is used as a means to end an altercation, and not when it is used as a way to win a fight. In this day and age the longer you are engaged in a street altercation or aggressive situation, the greater the danger to you. You can be “winning” the fight and still get hurt or killed out of no-where.

The street environment includes cars, dangerous objects like sticks and stones, endless legal concerns, friends of your foe roaming about, concrete, gravel, dust, etc. The longer you “fight” in this environment, the better the chance of you getting seriously hurt, regardless of how well you think the fight is going for you. Don’t fight if you don’t have to; make a move toward not fighting. It’s a lot easier to produce a move that avoids confrontation and facilitates an escape than it is to knock some one out.

If you are bent on fighting, and getting out some aggression, practice Jiu-Jitsu, its safe and enlightening. 609 Jiu Jitsu provides the perfect environment for Jiu-Jitsu practice. Our instructors love Jiu Jitsu. They will make sure that you will be able to practice “fighting” in the correct atmosphere, with your safety and success as the main goals. You will be able to test yourself in the academy daily, and if that’s not enough, you will be able to compete in sanctioned competitions on our competition team. There’s nothing like testing yourself against the best the world has to offer. Join us!!!

Why Choose 609 Jiu Jitsu?

  • 609 Jiu Jitsu is an Official Team Balance School.
  • Team Balance is the top team in the north eastern United States.
  • We’re experts in teaching beginners, trained by Helio GracieRelson Gracie and Phil Migliarese.
  • We are highly recommended by professional fighters and average hobbyist.
  • We’re trusted by all branches of the military, local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.
  • Rich’s instructor Phil Migliarese (the head of Team Balance) is among the highest ranked black belts in the US with more than 20 years experience.
  • We have level specific programs for everyone, regardless of size, speed, or power.
  • We make it easy and safe to learn BJJ, MMA, and Self Defense.
  • We are constantly evolving our programs and evolving as teachers to best serve our students.

Head Instructor Richard Komar

IBJJF Black Belt Competitor and USA Judo Nationally Ranked Black Belt

Damian O’Hara


Damian rolls at 609’s famous OPEN MAT SATURDAYS giving tips and advice on BJJ & Judo.


  • Feel Healthy, Strong, and Flexible
  • Realistic Self Defense that works!
  • A curriculum that is easy to understand
  • For hobbyists or future black belt competitors
  • >Any one can do it!
  • Humane alternative to punching and kicking
  • Lose weight and build core strength
  • Reduce daily stresses with Jiu-Jitsu and Yoga
  • Instills a positive attitude
  • Develops self-confidence and emotion intelligence
  • Overcome panic with breathing control
  • Anybody of any size can learn Gracie Jiu-Jitsu
  • Specifically designed for the needs of a first timers!